In this article, I am going to share with you why the old way of doing social media marketing is dead!

First of all, the old way of doing social media marketing is time consuming and ineffective. Actually 20 minutes a day or less is all that’s needed for you to generate 20-100 leads per day using social media marketing, ONLY if you know HOW to do it 🙂

In my previous articles, I have stated the importance of having your own blog or your own marketing hub/nerve center to brand yourself as the leader and the go-to-guy your prospects are looking for. But the problem is most blogs and most businesses turn into ghost towns because of one thing… Not enough traffic!

Driving consistent traffic to your blog will fuel your business to keep growing, expanding and putting more money in your bank account. Paid advertising is expensive and Google is becoming even more restrictive. So What’s The Secret?


Syndication primarily means getting your blog posts on other sites, having other people link to you and share your posts. You can share your post with your social media following, but when you’re on your own, your impact will only go as far as your own hand can reach. So the secret is actually getting other people to help “spread the word” for you through word of mouth. And this revolutionary method of syndication will eventually bring a perpetual flow of automated traffic to your blog.

To get syndication, first and foremost, the more “buzz worthy” your posts, the more people will naturally want to share it. Apply the concept of RECIPROCITY by helping share the love for others first. You can do this by starting to choose at least 5 people that you want to build rapport with and leave comments on their blogs, help syndicate their posts, reach out and ask how you can help.

These people that you want to build rapport with and who helps you syndicate your posts to their following, is what we now call a TRIBE. These are your followers, people who support you and will help promote you. And you help lead them. Building a tribe means developing your own “word of mouth” marketing system that results to high quality traffic coming on in autopilot which is an infinite leverage potential. Syndication partnerships are the PERFECT way to collaborate in the new social media economy. This is why if you’re still stuck in the old school way of building your business using social media marketing, it is now time to take action and apply what you have learned here.

There you go… Hope this has somehow helped you on how to build your business using social media marketing by applying the concept of RECIPROCITY or building your own “Tribe” within your niche. And I hope you have now learned why the old way of doing social media marketing is dead.

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Again thanks and have a great day.


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  1. Tim Carney says:

    Hi Kris,

    Great article!

    It seems the Social Media Marketing Sector of the internet is moving in a totally new direction thanks to people like Katie Freiling, yourself & others. Stay on top of things & keep me updated.

  2. Elisha Mcgarry says:

    Hi, I stumbled upon this site from Twitter and just wanted to take some time to say thank you for your marketing tips.

  3. Hi Elisha,
    Thanks for your comments. Great I was able to help.

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  5. fredz says:

    I think you talked me into joining a tribe

  6. Carstarphen says:

    Great title for this article Sonny:)


  7. Thanks Jeremiah. Hope you had a merry christmas =)

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