So what is MLSP or My Lead System Pro? In this post I am going to share with you what MLSP or MyLeadSystemPro is all about and how it can help you build your network marketing home based business. First let me clarify that MLSP is not a business opportunity or another network marketing company. It is a front end system or what we call a generic funded proposal online marketing system that helps you build your network marketing home based business on the back end.

MLSP is the Harvard University of online marketing and business building. In fact it can be applied to any business whether that would be real estate, sales, insurance, affiliate marketing, home based business and network marketing because. The concepts and strategies that MLSP teaches are universal. (Check my BONUSES below if you join MLSP using my link).

Why universal you say? Because leads or prospects are the lifeblood of your business. If you don’t have a consistent flow of leads, your business will eventually die down slowly. Offline marketing is a good way to start but eventually you will run out of names in the long run and you don’t wanna be one of those who’ll give out flyers on the streets and hunt people to join your business, right? For me, it’s not just  my right kind of thing. I would rather become the hunted instead of the hunter. I would rather learn, do and teach and attract the right prospects and customers to my business.

16 Reasons Why I’m Using MLSP as a Front End System to My Network Marketing Home Based Business and Why You Really Should Be Too: mlsp

1. $100 Front End Commissions per month per person while building your network marketing business on the back end – with MLSP, you have the ability to earn $100 commissions per month per customer on the front end. This is essential so you can advertise your network marketing business endlessly.

2. Up To $1,500 Front End Upsells (One Time Offers) – your new customers will be presented one time offers once they buy the MLSP system. If they do you can earn up to $1,500 commissions on the front end. How cool is that?

3. 27 Stand Alone Products that pay out 100% Commissions (From $5 – $477) – want to make 100% commissions? No problem! With MLSP, you don’t have to be a guru, create your own information products and earn guru commissions, because with MLSP you get to own and market 27 stand along products which we call Profit Campaigns that pays you 100% commissions that ranges from $5 to $477. Here is an example of the mlsp profit campaign that pays you 100% commissions. The information alone in that product is priceless.

4. 7 Years of Top Notch Marketing Training Strategies – MLSP has been in the industry since 2008 and it keeps on evolving and keeps home business owners and network marketers up to date with whats working now providing you with the cutting-edge tools and techniques to grow your business.

5. Weekly ‘Whats Working Now’ Workshops and Daily Wake Up Calls – want to know whats working now in online marketing and struggling to stay focused in your home based business? Worry not because every week MLSP conducts trainings that will teach you how to market your business properly and professionally. MLSP keeps you updated on whats working now. MLSP also conducts daily 15 minute wake up or mindset calls from Mondays thru Fridays to keep home business owners like you stay sharp and focused in your business.

6. 13 Pre-Made High Converting Lead Magnets (Great for newbies) – this is great for newbies because in our  industry, people join people who they know, like and trust thus you need to provide value to people like free trainings. With MLSP you don’t have to create your own because it’s already provided inside MLSP 🙂

7. Social Media and Email Swipe Copy – you don’t have to be a copywriter in order to build your business. With MLSP, they provide you the social media and email swipe  to send out to your prospects and target market. Just copy, paste and send.

8. You can promote up to 3 Business Opportunities, Affiliate Programs, Coaching Packages, etc in the back office – you can promote up to 3 business opportunities on the back end. Example of this would be your network marketing business, a coaching package  or other affiliate program you would like to include in your MLSP system to offer to your customers. Your leads will automatically get exposed to your business without you lifting a finger. They will find out what you’re building and eventually join you in your business.

9. Add YOUR OWN exclusive team trainings – if you have your own training, you can put that inside your MLSP back office so your customers and members will see and have access to it.

10. Built In Store Front That Pays You 30-45% Commissions depending on your Rank – MLSP has a built in store where they pay you somewhere from 30-45% depending on your MLSP rank. This comes automatic and this is a bonus and an additional source of income for you.

11. Pre-Written autoresponders that include multiple streams of income AND your business opportunity – when you join MLSP, you don’t have to worry how you will follow up with your leads and expose them to your network marketing business because MLSP already provides the autoresponders to educate your leads how MLSP can help them build their current business or start their own business. Just upload it to your autoresponder (AWeber or GetResponse) and you’re set. On the other hand, if you don’t want to build your own list yet, MLSP sends autoresponders on your behalf automatically.

12. CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) – this is HUGE! Follow up is the key! The CRM or customer relationship manager alone that is included in your MLSP membership is PRICELESS. This tool makes you see who’s hot and not and serious from the serious. You will definitely want to call those hot leads and follow them up.

13. Funnelizer (like lead pages) – you don’t need to buy another tool like leadpages because your MLSP membership already comes with a built in funnelizer where you can create an unlimited number of capture pages and sales pages.

14. Built-in Targeting Campaign Tracking Software – another cool feature in MLSP is the tracking software. When you’re marketing online, you need to track it so you will find out which source is bringing you the most number of leads. If you don’t track your advertising, you’re just guessing so make sure you track your marketing campaigns.

15. Video, Audio and Image Hosting – worried on getting banned on youtube? No problem because your MLSP membership comes with video, audio and image hosting. Just upload your videos in MLSP and promote it 🙂

16. QR Scanning Code Creator – if you’re fun of QR codes, then it’s also here in MLSP. That’s why MLSP is really cool because everything you need in building a business is already here in MLSP nothing more nothing less.

There are still a lot more reasons that I can go on and on and on in why you need to start using MLSP but those I have just mentioned above are the major ones. So go, start using it and make it happen. MLSP has an awesome community inside that is waiting for you and ready to help you grow your business.

So there you have it guys. If you liked this post and see value in it, go ahead and like, share and comment! Research shows that good things come to people who comment on this blog 🙂

If you’re an affiliate marketer, network marketer or just trying to find our way around this whole online marketing thing… be sure to check out how we can help you start getting the results you want.

As promised here are the BONUSES if you join MLSP as a Mastery Annual using my link:

1. 2 hours (consumable) of coaching call per week or 8 hours per month. Ask me anything you want about MLSP, about getting traffic, about blogging about facebook marketing, mindset etc.

2. I’ll set up your aweber autoresponder and link it to your mlsp capture pages as well as create your first campaign in mlsp

3. Help you integrate and link your primary business opportunity or opportunities (up to 3 bizopp) to your mlsp system. If you dont have an opp yet no worries I will help you get one.

4. Help you create your own gravatar and assist you in setting up your MLSP Affiliate Account

5. Help you setup your own domain (forward and masked) to your mlsp website

6. Help you setup your own branded blog if you dont have it yet. If you have one already, I will help you optimize your blog and lets make sure its mobile friendly as well as no plugins are causing your blog to slow down and we will make sure your blog is secured so you won’t be hacked.

7. [8] hours of coaching call (via skype) for 6 months not just 1. Ongoing consultation and coaching via our Facebook mastermind group

8. Help you get traffic (100 targeted clicks) to your mlsp capture page so you get leads fast

9. Help you get organic traffic to your blog

10. I will walk you thru to the MLSP Simple Start-Up Steps not just once but until you understand the power of  this system  🙂



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