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In this article I am going to share with you the secrets to success in network marketing. More and more people are turning their heads to start their own network marketing home based business because of the potential this business can give to a person’s life. Mainly more time and more money and these two main reasons are what people are searching for.

So why are most people looking to start a network marketing home based business? Its because of leverage. They want to have leverage so they can spend more time with their family, their self and make more money while spending less time working. But why is it that despite there’s a great potential behind network marketing, 97 out of 100 people doing the business still fail?

What are the secrets then to success in network marketing, you may ask? The secret is, there’s no damn secret at all! If you want to succeed in this industry, understand the 3 key elements I outline below.

Here are the secrets to success in network marketing?


1. Learn – most people start this business without knowing the skills to become successful. That’s why most people fail because they don’t know how to build it. As a result those who don’t see success within 1-3 months of trying to build their network marketing home based business, claim that this industry is a scam. After all, all they did was bugged their friends and family to take a look at their opportunity. That basically is not the way to do it. You need to learn and grasp the principles of attraction marketing so you become the hunted instead of the hunter. When you do it right, people will literally be attracted to you like you’re a marketing magnet and even earn money even if your prospects don’t join your primary network marketing business.

2. Do – learning without implementing is useless. Many newbies are very excited to start their own home based network marketing business because of the huge potential this industry has to offer but they are often faced with a big challenge and that is taking action. When you learn something new in this business, make it happen and take action. Implement what you have learned because you don’t see success overnight. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Success also comes the same. You need to focus and stay consistent. Take it bit by bit and you will get there. The most important thing to bear in mind is just do it.

3. Teach – now that you have learned something about how to build a successful network marketing home based business, have built your online presence and brand yourself on the internet, your task now is to share those value to others, your target market. Because those people who want to start their own home based business don’t care about how great your product is, opportunity and complan, nada…. All they do care about is how you can help them reach closer to their goals. If you have a marketing system in place, knowledge about building a successful home based network marketing business and a true leader who can help people make money online, offline or both, then teach and share your knowledge freely. Because thats how you attract people into your business.

Just to reiterate that the secret to success in network marketing is that there’s no secret at all. All you have to do is copy what the successful network marketers are doing and make it happen. Learn, do and teach and you will win.

Now your turn, what do you do to succeed in your network marketing business? I will see you at the comments section at at the bottom of this page and don’t forget to share and retweet this content if you find it valuable.

So there you have it. I hope that you have learned something on this article about the secrets to success in network marketing.




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  1. Mel Melhado says:

    Those are three things to remember when you want to become successful in network marketing world. As for me, clearly defined goals must be made before doing anything. This will be a measure of your success. People have different levels of success. A success of one person may not give a satisfaction to the other. Good job on this Sonny!

    • Sonny Lanorias says:

      Hi Mel,

      Yeah goals are important before doing anything. You need to make a decision and stick to that decision if you want to achieve success no matter what it takes. Thanks again and come back soon.


  2. Dr. Bob Clarke says:

    Hey Sonny,

    This is a tried and true formula for succeeding, not just in NM but in anything you choose to do in life. First you learn a new thing, then you do it until you become an “expert”, then you teach it to others.

    I know of no better formula for succeeding in anything you do. Thanks for sharing this!

    • Sonny Lanorias says:

      Hi Bob,

      Hope you are having a great day 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. The formula indeed works if you just apply what you learn and teach others. Thanks again.


  3. Ryan Biddulph says:

    Hi Sonny,

    Simple yet infinitely powerful tips.

    Follow each one daily, you are good to go. You will become successful. Persist in learning. Apply what you learn. Teach others. Prospects become attracted to you, as you continue to teach, share and connect with like-minded folks.

    Most people fail in network marketing because they quit too soon. If they would just make the extra phone call, write 1 more blog post, or write just 1 more comment, they would pick up useful knowledge that could prosper them. They would make a powerful business connection. They would convince someone to join their home based opportunity. All can come true, only if you stick with it.



    • Sonny Lanorias says:

      Hey there Ryan,

      Awesome comments there 🙂 Yeah you are right, just take it bit by bit and no need to rush. Let the business come to you and not the other way around. I also just wanted to add that most people in this industry fail because they listen to their well meaning friends and relatives who become self-appointed expert about something they know nothing about. Thanks again Ryan.


  4. Your post Do You Want To Know The Secrets To Success In Network Marketing? was well done as always Sonny. I love a post that has real value. Thanks for your contribution Sonny. Take care, Michael

  5. Radu says:

    Hi Sonny,
    Great post my friend. Simple things always have a great impact in time.
    Network marketing is about becoming and creating a higher version of yourself. The more you become the greater your success.
    So first, decide who you want to be, what beliefs, skills and tools you need to go there and then take massive action: learn, implement and test. See what works and teach others to do the same. No rocket science at all.
    The real secret is to remember what you just said when things seem hard or complicated and quitting is the easy way out. Those moments are priceless because they define who you really are:)
    Thanks for sharing your tips. It’s always great to come here:)

    • Sonny Lanorias says:

      Hey Radu,

      Nice you see you again here bro. Thanks for leaving a comment. I appreciate it. Yeah you are right, no rocket science here just pure hard work, patience and dedication. Thanks again and come back soon.


  6. Etieno Etuk says:

    Knowledge without action is wasted knowledge. Dedication to learning and becoming of a student of network marketing once again will be the key to success. Another key to success in network marketing is patience and not quitting when the going gets tough. We have to realize that anyone who accomplished success had to overcome some things to get to where they are. Thanks for sharing this, Sonny.

  7. David Verney says:

    Great stuff Sonny.

    It is worth noting that the toughest point of starting a network marketing business, as with any business is in the beginning. It gets easier as you build your knowledge and experience.

    When you have someone else working with you is also a little easier because you have someone to help you build your business. Just think how good it gets when you have 100 or so people in your downline. It gets pretty awesome when you have a lot of people under you.

    Hope you’re having a great day Sonny.

  8. Alex says:

    Great advice, many newbies are very excited to start their own home based network marketing business because of the huge potential this industry has to offer but they are often faced with a big challenge and that is taking action.

  9. Gazelle says:

    A lot of people is having fear to enter in a business thinking that they just might waste their time, effort and capital. Because they are afraid to fail. And I am one of those. Your post is amazing and it is very detailed. Thanks for sharing this 3 important secret to success. Very helpful post.

  10. Ana says:

    I think those principles apply to most businesses. I love the Tell, Show, Try, Do adage.

    Tell them what to do.
    Show them how to do it.
    Let them try.
    Let them do.

    Great post!

    • Sonny Lanorias says:

      Hello Ana,

      Thanks for stopping by on my blog and leaving a comment. Its great to see you here again. Come back soon.


  11. Annyka says:

    This was a great post and very helpful indeed as I get more acclimated to a business development tool. I always look forward to reading your posts! You have great insight and very knowledgeable about what you do!

    • Sonny Lanorias says:

      Hello Annyka,

      Welcome to my blog and thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments. Come back soon.


  12. This is great information and if tried it will be true!! The biggest thing for me was learning and then being consistent! That helped em the most. I am heading over to that MLM Beat to vote for your blog! 5 stars my friend! To your continued success 🙂

    • Sonny Lanorias says:

      Hello April,

      Welcome to my blog and thanks for leaving a comment. Yes so true that staying focused and consistent are the keys to your success in your business. Take care and come back soon.


  13. Sean Supplee says:

    3 actions ever leader should take. By doing things yourself it makes you a better teacher because you now know it first hand. People love learning from others mistakes as it saves them time and money two things we could all use more of.

  14. Velma H. Youngberg says:

    Hi Sonny,

    Thanks for the post. I think what you said is not only applicable in network marketing. It is also applicable in everyday life. For me the secret of network marketing is determination and courage to try it. Knowing things is not enough 🙂 Do you agree with me?

  15. Armando Arias says:


    Great post. Becoming successful in this industry is simple if you have the right mentor, take action and teach others to do the same… I love it!



  16. Esha Addy says:

    This post reminds me of lessons from W. Clement Stone book, The Success System That Never Fails. He says, All success swings on the three phrases:
    1. inspiration of action
    2. Know-how
    3. Activity Knowledge

    To be successful in network marketing you have to take responsibility for your actions. You must be inspired to a self-builder and learn all the skills needed to build a successful business.

    Success is only achieved by those who get up and try.

    Esha Addy recently posted :’t-control-jack-you’re-owned-by-horrible-bosses/

  17. Noel Addison says:

    Planning is very crucial in the success of marketing strategy but it is useless if you will not act according to what you have planned.

  18. Maja says:

    Hi Sonny

    We can’t be successful internet marketer without learning. Learning is the first step for earning.

    After leaning we should teach what we have learn through our blog. In this way we will build our community.

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