In this article I am going to share with you my brutally honest review of mlmzing. So what is mlmzing all about? Is it another marketing funnel, another hype and or another affiliate program? Well if you are reading this article, I am sure you have heard about marketing funnels, sales funnels and why it is important in running a home based online business.

To start off my review of mlmzing, let us begin with a little background check about mlmzing? mlmzing

MLMZing was launched in 2010 by Andrew Murray and Marie Torres. A marketing couple who has been quietly killing this industry for quite some time now. They created mlmzing to help struggling internet entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers, home business owners and network marketers solve their biggest problems that they are facing in their business right now.

Common problems faced by network marketers these days are not just the lack of leads, lack of money, lack of internet marketing training and lack of duplication. But the truth of the matter is, the number one and I say it again that the number one problem faced by network marketers these days are too much information in the market place.

This problem of having too much information has lead these network marketers to procrastinate which leads them to action paralysis. They have been sold to so many programs, ebooks, affiliate products, you name it, but in the end these network marketers are just lead to desperation. So if you are reading at this mlmzing review, it is because you are one of those victims of information overload and that you are trying to figure it out how to conquer this problem.

So mlmzing basically is for those who are struggling to take action, suffering from information overload and for those who want to learn real tactics and strategies to build their business successfully.

MLMZing review as a marketing funnel and what is it for:

MLMzing is another marketing funnel but way different from other funnels that you are familiar with. Why? Because most of the funnels that you are aware of are typically just a plug and play type of system. Which means when you join these programs, all you get are a bunch of replicated lead capture pages with replicated email follow ups and so on. MLMZing on the other hand not just teaches you the techniques on how to build a successful business online but it teaches you real tactics and strategies that will teach you how to be unique and separate yourself apart from the crowd. Which means you can brand yourself totally and fully with your unique selling proposition.

The trainings that you will learn inside mlmzing is packaged in 9 modules. From educating you on how the sales funnel works, how to identify your unique selling proposition, teaching you how to create your own lead capture page and up to teaching you how to generate 250 plus leads per day. Yes you read it right. Its possible!

Getting paid with mlmzing:

Since this is a review of mlmzing, I will also let you in about how you get paid when you promote this program to your downlines, to your list and to whoever is interested to learn internet marketing. MLMzing is a one time payment program that pays residual commissions. When you sponsor someone into mlmzing, the company pays you a whopping $77 commissions which means you can fund your advertising effectively and endlessly which means more leads and more sales for your business. MLMzing also pays $25 to all second level earnings from your direct referrals. Which means you will earn residual income using this system the fact that it is just a one time payment program.

So if you are struggling with your network marketing home business, hungry for real internet marketing training that teaches you real strategies and tactics to help you build your business, struggling to identify your unique selling proposition, struggling to fund your advertising and other business expenses and looking for a new, cool and refreshing marketing sales funnel, then mlmzing is what maybe you are looking for.

Now your turn. What are your thoughts about mlmzing now that you know about it.


17 Responses to “A Review of MLMZing – Another Marketing Funnel Hype?”

  1. Wendy Elwell says:

    This sounds like an interesting marketing funnel. It is great they have so many different options available to marketers. Thanks for sharing!

    • Sonny Lanorias says:

      Hello Wendy,

      Thanks for your comments. Yeah I not just interesting but find it so explosive 🙂 haha. Come back soon.


  2. Chezianne says:

    This really sounds interesting even if I have never heard about mlmizng before…Anyway, thanks for the great review here…

  3. Rasheed says:

    Interesting! So many marketing funnels, so little time/money! Lol.

    • Sonny Lanorias says:

      Hey there Rasheed,

      Among all I find this funnel the best 🙂 Why? Because it pays me $77 per sale (weekly to paypal) which lets me even advertise more and get free leads compared to other systems that just pays you $3 🙁 LOL Thanks again.


  4. Luna says:

    Excellent review! I really love learning from the expert.. Keep us updated! 🙂

  5. Charmaine says:

    I am interested in the affiliate marketing myself and have just started looking into that as a form of income. What I have learned is that if you want to make an income from affiliate marketing, then it will take time. Your site has to attract traffic and you are the one to get that traffic.

  6. Avatar says:

    Hi Sonny,
    Wow!!! This is cool!!! Ya know its hard to find real tactics and strategies. Some marketer gives also but not full on; still incomplete. I like this unique feature of MLMZing. Sounds fantastic!

    All the best,


    • Sonny Lanorias says:

      While some other systems are more on kinda fake it till you make it one…. mlmzing has a different approach and really teaches you real tactics and strategies that will transform you into a real leader in the industry and fake it till you make it doesn’t exist in this system! Thanks bro!


  7. Michelle says:

    Hard to believe, but so true: the more information you get online, the more difficult it would be for newbies or home business owners get the information that is actually accurate and useful.
    You seem to be doing quite a great job in this direction, so keep us posted!

  8. ken says:

    And what is that one time payment?

  9. Guilda Joseph says:

    Sonny, Sounds like a great tool to have in your arsenal.

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