Pure Leverage Scam – The Truth vs. The Myth

On May 14, 2013, in Online Business, by Sonny Lanorias

Is there really a thing such as a Pure Leverage scam?  This catchphrase has been inhabiting the net as of late as more and more people want to know the truth behind it.  Is it for real, or it is just another hype?

It is a question to ask as Pure Leverage, a network marketing company, is an online business that promises to help you make money.  It is not your usual multi level marketing firm that sells energy drinks, cosmetics, and vitamin supplements.  Maybe the product differentiation is what has stirred the pot and fueled the rumors of a Pure Leverage scam.

Let’s look at the products.  Pure Leverage sells online marketing tools that can empower you to take your sales efforts to the next level and therefore earn a lot of money from the net.  Some of its products include a blogging system, a lead capture page system, video email, a marketing training course, an auto responder, and design and graphics executed for you.  Granted that many of these products are not familiar to the layman or even the average network marketer – and you got ingredients of a Pure Leverage scam.

Pure Leverage scam – check the products Pure Leverage scam

But those who know how to use these tools will be the first to own up on how Pure Leverage the company has increased their marketing efforts.  A blogging system enables them to post about their products and services online on real time, and interact with users who add their own comments and feedback.  The lead capture page system records the contact information of users who visit your Web site. The video email communicates your message through video, which will catch the attention of a very visual generation, perhaps more so than a text online newsletter.  The marketing training course enhances your skills in creating online promotions to capture your target market.  The auto responder replies to every inquiry sent to your Web site, while you yourself are offline.

Now, regardless of the familiarity of the users with them, these are bona fide products and immediately contest the notion of a Pure Leverage scam.

A scam does not sell authentic products, but instead push recruitment and awards fees based on the membership fees.  The online marketing tools above are actual items and services that you can use.  This already makes the notion of any Pure Leverage scam suspect.

Pure Leverage scam – the business model

The next unique thing about Pure Leverage that has probably made the skeptics label it as a Pure Leverage scam is its business plan.  Like all other network marketing companies, you earn a fee from your sales as well as that of your recruits and their recruits.  What makes this company different is that on your first month, you do get to earn 100 percent commission.

It sounds too good to be true, but it is true.  Many Pure Leverage members have become happy campers because of this commission scheme.  They earn a lot of money when they make consistent plentiful sales.  But the newness of it has made other skeptics label the business a Pure Leverage scam.

Understand this about scams:  they do not promise on what they deliver.  Pure Leverage has, and for that reason, it cannot be called a Pure Leverage scam.

The internet tools may take a long time to learn but once you have grasped how to use them, your sales and marketing ventures – in any of your business or freelancer activities – will soar.  Your target market will respond to you.  You will begin to identify them.  Your messages to them will become more focused and direct.  You will learn how to respond to their concerns and questions.  Soon enough, you will build a community who will be open to what you have to sell because of the goodwill you generated.

This alone again negates the notion of a Pure Leverage scam.

In conclusion, Pure Leverage is a one-of-a-kind network marketing company with a different product.  There is no truth behind the Pure Leverage scam buzz.


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