In this article I am going to share with you how to quadruple your leads through blogging without getting any additional traffic. Well it’s been a long while since my last post and the reason for that aside from being busy with my current mlm business that I am promoting right now is that I am also observing the current trends in the online marketing and network marketing industry. I see people squandering around looking for ways to succeed in their mlm business by getting into blogging yet 90% of these people fail. Why? Because they don’t get enough leads which is basically the lifeblood of their business. Most struggling network marketers jump from one system to another in the hopes of obtaining the magic pill. Sad to say, there is no magic when it comes to online marketing and network marketing.

In fact when people say there’s a secret, your first move must be to run away from these people because the truth is, there is no secret at all. The secret is to empty your mind, start from ground zero, take it step by step, learn new things, perform and do it on a consistent basis.  But the beauty about the online marketing and network marketing industry is that every skill is learnable. As long as you learn new things, take action, be consistent and stay committed, your success is unstoppable!

So now going back to where we’ve started that leads are basically the lifeblood of your network marketing and online marketing business, yet 90% fail because of the lack of leads, I am now going to spill the beans of how to quadruple your leads without getting any additional traffic. 

1. You only have 7-10 seconds to attract people’s attention – that’s a fact so if you want to get people’s attention make sure you have super ninja tactics to obtain their attention fast. Use a pop in. I know some of you may have used it and you may sometimes label it as annoying but I honestly say that it works.

2. Put an opt in form within your post – when people read your blog post, it’s obvious that they are interested on what you have to offer or they are curious about the value you provide. So don’t waste this opportunity. Make sure that at the end of your blog posts, you should have a super ninja optin form for your readers to optin. Because remember your sidebar optin will be forgotten the moment your readers arrive at the bottom of your post. So make sure your optin form is positioned where your readers’ eyes are present.

3. Provide an optin form inside your comments section – when people leaves a comment on your blog, it’s a good sign because there is a friendly interaction going about what they liked most on your blog post or if they have a different opinion about what you just stated. Whatever it is, a comment is a good thing for your blog. So take this opportunity to position your optin form inside your comments area. The logic is, make your optin form easily accessible for your readers. Don’t let them find it.

So there you have it folks. But actually, I still haven’t finished sharing with you my online marketing secrets about how to quadruple your leads through blogging without getting any additional traffic but I also feel that my article is kinda long now and I know you’re so excited to learn more about my secrets.

Therefore without further due and for more information about this blogging strategy that will finally help you build a solid rock online, mlm business, click here and I will see you on the next page.

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10 Responses to “How To Quadruple Your Leads Through Blogging Without Getting Any Additional Traffic”

  1. Godwin Okoduwa says:

    Great post here, by the way m what plug in did u use for the optin form below the post?

  2. JS says:

    Hey Sonny,

    Although I am not into MLM I can totally see how your tips can help me with my blog. Leads are great for my industry but I really make my living on getting people to my website. Well I guess they go together. But I am going to apply some of your suggestions.


    • Hi JS,

      Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. Yeah its just a matter of installing that cool plugin I mentioned on my post. Grab it while the trial is still available. Thanks again and come back soon.


  3. Lydia Brown says:

    Sonny this is a great post providing clarity on the important sections of a blog.

  4. Jeff Beeman says:

    Hi Sonny – Good article as I just re-opened a new blog after being out of the “Biz” for awhile. I too fell into the whole “jump around to different opportunities” death trap. I re-booted over the last couple months, took out the garbage and am now taking that proverbial one step at a time approach to build a new list (prospects) and develop traffic to my web site. I feel another point to this is that Many people want to run a home business or online business but they do not understand they can start up with there very own skills, services or a product of there own. They do not have to go out and “join” a business. Here is my little secret to online success… Look at what you like to do (IE: I play golf) maybe find an affiliate product to work with in your “niche” but also talk about what it is you enjoy doing – Learn how to write an Ebook or a video series (It’s not that difficult) or maybe provide an off line service to what you like to do? Get your Blog going – Get your Capture page and email marketing system started then set it and forget it. The big factor here is this – Learn how to market and promote professionally, online and off.

  5. Diana says:

    Great post Sonny, very helpful and practical advice. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Great read Sonny and glad to have you back again.

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