How to generate up to 350 FREE Leads Per Day on Facebook?

That is the command of the day and the mother lode of all Facebook efforts – how to generate up to 350 FREE Leads Per Day on Facebook.

350 leads per day or 10,000 a month – that is something that everyone would want to have.  Every entrepreneur, hobbyist, individual, and corporation.  It is a dream come true as that would mean a captive audience who would read everything you post and, chances are, at least patronize once any product you pitch.

So this begs the question and an answer – how to generate up to 350 FREE Leads Per Day on Facebook? free leads

First you do need a Facebook account.  That’s obvious.  The second is you immediately start Friending everyone you know and asking them to Friend their Friends.  You do need to offer them something of value if they are to accept your Friend request.  It can’t just all be about sales – but do offer them something they need to know like a vital piece of information or tips on how to succeed in business.

To understand how to generate up to 350 FREE Leads per day on Facebook, you may need to have your own internal tracking system.  You may have to do paid advertising.  The latter will allow you to reach people who are not in your immediate circle of Friends.  Paid advertising can inspire people to click on your site and links and maybe sign up.

The internal tracking system will also help you monitor how many clicks you have been getting.  How many responses you have been receiving.  How many people are genuinely interested in what you have to say.  It will show you if you are close or far to your goal, and how much work you still need to do to generate up to 350 FREE leads per day on facebook.

How to generate 350 FREE Leads per day on Facebook – the relationship component

Join the communities on Facebook.  Be a member of the groups.  That’s how you broaden your circle.  Participate in the discussions.  Make your voice known.  Talk about topics of interest.  The people who will genuinely listen to you will end up becoming your Friends.

Remember Facebook is a social media site and networking is part of its ball game.  Socialization makes an integral part of its success.  You have to bond, develop relationshps, and generate a lot of goodwill if you are to get the sign-ups you want.

How to generate up to 350 FREE leads per day on Facebook?  Come up with a campaign.  Friend everyone you know.  Invite their Friends to friend you back.  Come up with a message that will wow them.

Post constantly.  Do not be inactive at all.  Let them get to know you.  Take time to get to know them.  Read the profiles of your Friends.  See what makes them tick.  Understand what gets their interest.  Maybe saying hi to a couple of Facebook friends a day will bring about constant communication.

Time, effort, relationship, constancy – that’s how to generate up to 350 FREE Leads per day on Facebook.


There you have it folks: “How To Generate Up To 350 FREE Leads Per Day On Facebook

Hopefully you can learn from these tips and remember them the next time you conduct marketing on facebook.

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