I know you’re here because you have joined a network marketing company that promises you these and that. I know what you’re thinking and this is why you definitely want to read this article.

In this article I am going to share with you the top 3 secrets of successful network marketers. If you failed in the past or are struggling in your current network marketing company, here’s the solution you’ve been waiting for. First, let me tell you that the top network marketers don’t hunt for prospects. They don’t drag their family, relatives and friends to attend a business opportunity presentation. What they do is they position and brand themselves as the expert in their field.

So what do I mean by positioning and branding themselves as an expert? Now here’s an example of what this means. Have you seen a doctor going to malls and approaching strangers or convincing their friends and relatives to go to their clinic or hospital to have a medical check up or have a surgery? None, of course! Being a network marketer is no different. As a network marketer, you must position yourself as an expert by showing and teaching people how to market your business effectively. Remember the title, “network marketing“?

Most people forget that this is a marketing business and not a hunting business. When you position yourself as an expert, you are literally attracting people which are your prospects to your business. No matter what network marketing you are in, as long as you know how to market effectively, you will always win!

So to go back to our topic about what are those top 3 secrets that most successful network marketers do to build their business, here it is:

1. You must learn how to build your list. When I say list, these are your prospects. These are not the ones you wrote on a paper and once you’re finished writing, you start calling them and sell them to your product or business opportunity or even both. Hey, in the first place, these are not targeted people interested to buy your products. So this is the most critical component, which is to learn how to build your list, if you want to be successful in building a network marketing business.

2. You must learn how to build relationships with your list. Well if you have 10 prospects, its not that hard to call them one by one or sending them an email and help them or educate them about your products, services or opportunity. And answer their questions. But if we talk about 100-500 or even thousands of prospects (which is not impossible), it now becomes a different story. You must learn how to leverage this strategy if you want to keep in touch with your hot targeted prospects who are looking for you, searching for you and ready to buy your offer.

3. You must learn how to monetize your list. This is where the money comes in. Don’t ever dare to sell your products, services or your opportunity if you haven’t done method number 2 yet.

Do you think it’s hard to implement what the successful network marketers do in their business? YES! If you don’t have a mentor or coach to guide and teach you. So the first thing that you must do is find a mentor who can teach you and lead you by the hand how to market effectively. Seek for a mentor who is looking forward to your success first!

If you want to learn how to implement the top 3 strategies most successful network marketers do in their business, then stop procrastinating and start learning and educating yourself now so you can begin attracting prospects to your business. CLICK HERE but be warned that if you implement these strategies, this has the power to drastically increase your bank account over the next couple of days!


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  1. Dr. Bob Clarke says:

    Hey Sonny,

    Couldn’t agree more with your 3 tips,and you put them in just the right order — build the list, build the trust, then make the money. It’s the only way that it works.

    Much success my friend!

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