In this article I am going to share my knowledge about how to build your business using facebook.

First of all this is not all about pitching your deals and opportunities to other people’s throats. It still goes back on providing value to your audience or your niche.

So to start with, always bare in mind that you are not on facebook to sell. You are using facebook to network and share ideas with like minded entrepreneurs. See yourself as a solutions provider and not as a peddler trying to pitch your deals on people’s throats.

1. Create your own profile. Make sure you put your own picture that is pleasing to the eyes (smiling) and make it professional. Don’t put a picture there with you being in your pajamas.

2. Add some info to your profile such as your interests so people will know you better, things you like, books you love, where you live and put your twitter link and a link to your website or blog. Remember think of facebook as your own newspaper.

3. Now that you have added some information in your facebook profile, its now time to start adding friends. Well here, don’t just add friends but add and connect with them. By writing a personal message on how you find them, etc. When they accepted your friend request, write something on their walls, thanking them for accepting your friendship. Get to know them even better by checking out their profiles.

4. To get it even better, chat with them. The keyword here is CONNECTING. Send them a message and interact with them. Don’t pitch your business instead build a solid relationship with  your friends. You don’t just go to a party and sell your stuffs, that’s the fastest way people will run away from you.

5. To connect with like minded entrepreneurs, go to the search bar in facebook and type your niche keywords there. So if you are in network marketing, type there “network marketing” or ” mlm” and add people there and connect with them.

6. Only share your stuff if people asks you. And provide a solution if you see the need. After all social networking is all about socialization.

7. And last (finishing touch), you may want to call them using skype to build and connect with them even more.

So there you go, hope this article has somehow helped you. I am looking forward to your success.


6 Responses to “How To Build Your Business Using Facebook”

  1. Alecia says:

    Yes, great value. Connecting is the key.. Communication is the key to listening for success! Keep it up.

  2. Thanks Alecia. Come back soon.

  3. Greg Martin says:

    Hey Sonny, nice tips man, thanks for the info…

  4. Anthoyn Lombardo says:

    Nice blog Sonny. Good information. I will be check ing back in a few days.

  5. Hello Anthony, thanks for your comments. If you are looking for a blogging package that will teach you from a-z including how to set up, how to create a content that pulls even if you’re not a writer and how to drive traffic to your blog using the latest (free) cutting edge methods, then I have a post for that too under MLM Blog Secrets. I checked out your blog and I see that your social media icons are not redirecting properly. Let me know if you need my help. Have a great night.

  6. Hello Greg, your welcome…

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