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With tough times many people give up and just roll over without a fight. Sonny is one of those that decides to heavily invest in himself to provide knowledge to those seeking to better themselves financially. Online marketing is rarely taught online and I feel many miss the finer points. Sonny is a great person to work with to really understand how things are done today.

Lawrence Tam

The Business of Creating Wealth



I don’t consider Sonny Lanorias “just a writer”. He is a pure consultant, a very knowledgeable one… and I am lucky to work with him. So I ask Sonny consultant based questions… he is one of the handful of mlm bloggers out there…. that I can communicate with on a higher level because he knows the craft.

John Chatman @ http://askjohnchatman.com/


I am very impressed with Sonny Lanorias knowledge and willingness to help others succeed on their online business. Sonny Lanorias teaching and leadership style is straightforward and process-result-oriented and easy to follow, to understand and to be applyed even by non-techies like me. With patience, he takes you by hand and lays-out a simple to follow direction. Not only that he knows how to do it himself, but he knows how to teach it so you will know exactly how to apply to your business and how to make money. Thank you Sonny for your kindness and guidance.

Otillia Capraru


Sonny is one of the good guys out there on the Internet. He truly believes that people need to pull together so that we all may move forward. And by this I mean he truly believes in reaching out a hand (or many hands as in my case) and helping others through their struggles, so that they may reach their goals. This is a time that the people (the good ones) will shine on the Internet, and I have no doubt that Sonny will be one of those. I believe that this will be a long lasting, strong relationship and friendship for years to come and I look forward to it.

Colleen K Rich

“Energy Marketing Maverick”


Energize Your Lifestyle!!



I have spent a considerable amount of time talking with Sonny and consulting with him in regard to internet marketing issues, and I have found him to be an excellent person of character who has a strong technical grasp of internet marketing technology and concepts. I found that when I was showing Sonny what to do he would easily grasp the concept and implement it immediately. I didn’t have to double explain issues to him. Sonny has the right mindset for internet marketing and I am sure that whatever direction he chooses to take he will find success in.

Greg Martin



Coach Sonny? Yeah, you heard it right. That’s how I call this very online mentor of mine I met couple of months ago, who showed me how to be a Professional Network Marketer.I’ve been struggling with my MLM for over 8 months until I figured out why the traditional approach that I was being taught by my some of my uplines and fellow network marketers here in our country, didn’t work-out well to me.

I admire his Professionalism in doing his full-time marketing online at home and being passionate in teaching and helping others who want to succeed in MLM. He’s the very first Filipino Successfull Internet Entrepreneur that I ever know yet and I’m so proud of this fellow who’s been working with top producers all over the world.

Coach Sonny, introduces me the world of “Attraction Marketing” combined with the power of Internet and Technology, which if mastered and implemented the right way will surely create a dramatic success in your business.

Thanks a lot Coach! You’re the best! 🙂

Homer Arnado

“The Still Networker”

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There’s a lot to say about Sonny. One thing is for sure, he’s not your typical Filipino born and raised in the Philippines. He’s got so much more knowledge that I respect and trust. I was extremely desperate when it came to building a successful business online, almost crying for help, when he accidentally found me and offered assistance. Honestly, I thought it was another “one of those,” but I was wrong, he showed strong commitment to really guide me step-by-step which is really important for me because I easily get lost.

He has educated himself and won himself a prize where he’s now coaching other people get to where they want. He is not another person trying to make a quick buck; he’s there for the long haul. You can trust him and his knowledge to get you where you want to be with your business. Thanks Sonny!! 🙂

Grace Manlapaz
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