The 6 Critical Steps To Mastering Copywriting

On August 1, 2010, in Online Business, by Sonny Lanorias

In this article I am going to share with you the 6 critical steps to mastering copywriting. But before I’m going to spill the beans, it’s very important to learn what is copywriting? copywriting

Copywriting is salesmanship through the written word. It is the “million dollar skill” that 98% of network marketers neglect. And it is one of the easiest ways to separate yourself from the masses. Copywriting as well will make or break your marketing efforts.

So now that you know what copywriting is, the next question would be… what is the best way to learn how to write effective ad copy?

Actually there are only two things:

1. By studying other successful copywriters (your swipe file) and…..

2. Human psychology

Before we dig in deeper about the 6 critical steps to mastering copywriting, it’s also important to learn the 4 main principles of copywriting so that the 6 critical steps to mastering copywriting will really make sense.  And these are:

1. Just be yourself and be genuine – don’t plagiarize

2. Provide specifics (proof)

3. Position yourself as an expert or consultant

4. Disguise your sales pitch within valuable content and provide proof to back up your claims and promises – attraction marketing

Now that we have discussed what copywriting is, the best way to learn how to write an effective ad copy and learned about the 4 main principles of copywriting, it is now time to discuss the 6 critical steps to mastering copywriting:

1. Know your target market intimately – very important that you know who you’re targeting

2. Choose a specific angle

3. Start and then review your swipe file

4. Define the ultimate benefit that you are providing and create your headlines

5. Write your benefit bullets

6. Create your offer

So there you go. I hope that this article has helped you and learned some basic stuffs about the 6 critical steps to mastering copywriting.

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8 Responses to “The 6 Critical Steps To Mastering Copywriting”

  1. Gerald Gigerl says:

    hy sonny,

    I like your approach and insights of what we should consider when offering value to our audience.
    all these justifications are doable and indeed necessary for good restults.

    keep posting such great content!

    enjoy your weekend!


  2. Hi Gerald, thanks for leaving a comment. Yes this skill is what most network marketers neglect so its very important to learn this skill. Yeah you got it, its doable and necessary for good results.

  3. The 6 Critical Steps To Mastering Copywriting says:

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  4. Jennifer May says:

    Awesome post Sonny! Gave me some great ideas to creating my very first product. I got tons of value and knowledge out of this post and I truly appreciate it! Too cool… Great stuff!!! 🙂

  5. Hello Jennifer,

    Thanks for leaving a comment. That’s awesome to have your first product… Let me know when you have it 🙂 Thanks again and come back soon.

  6. Sonny Lanorias says:

    Hi Reggie thanks for your comments. Copywriting has a big impact in our business but 90% of network marketers and home business owners neglect it. So if there is one skill that I highly recommend to all network marketers and home business owners, that would be copywriting 🙂 Thanks again.

  7. Matthew Share says:

    Excellent tips, Sonny. You continue to amaze me with your unique perspective and writing. Copywriting surely isn’t the simplest of jobs but it’s critical to have a good one for our business. Thanks for this one, it definitely helps.

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