Hey guys welcome back 🙂 I wish everyone of  you really had an awesome weekend because I did and if you missed what I’m talking about, well here it is. I was so grateful last Wednesday because I was interviewed by Norbert Orlewicz from the Online Profit Playbook to share what I’ve been doing in the last few months to achieve success in my business. And the reason for that success is simply because I followed a proven 5 step formula to get leads and recruits reps in your home business.

Unlike my previous post which was quite long (1,300 words), I’m going to make this blog post short, sweet and simple so you can immediately implement, apply, follow and teach your team this proven formula to get leads and recruit reps in your home business. So here we go 🙂

Here is the 5 Step Formula To Get Leads and Recruit Reps In Your Home Business:

my exact 5 step formula to get leads and recruit reps in my home business

1. Put yourself out there by creating value thru blogging, Youtube, Fanpage, Facebook or just sharing success stories. Remember that results is what people get excited about. Take note that you don’t have to be an expert in order for you to start making money online. Follow this 1st step and you will be on your way to start getting leads and recruiting reps in your home business. (if you don’t know where to get value from, here is a platform and system you can model so you can begin creating value).

2. Always give a Call To Action (example: call me, or click here or click the link below). Alright this seems to be self-explanatory but most business owners just forget to do this step. Therefore make sure that from now on, you must always give a call to action to every blog post, video or social media posts that you share to your audience.

3. Answer any questions when they do connect with you (start the conversation, find out what they’re struggling with, start building that relationship). Don’t smack your business opportunity on your prospects face right off the bat because if you do it, I’m gonna be blunt with you that this is the fastest way to repel prospects from you. Instead start by asking questions. Listen to their pains and put yourself in their shoes. Once you know what their problem is, provide the pain killer and offer a solution to their problems. This is how you should act as a professional home business owner and avoid doing the shot-gun approach.

4. Offer them free training (help them). In the 3rd step you just unlocked what their problem is. So if for example their problem is they’re struggling getting leads for their current home business then offer them a free training that I explained in detail in this Facebook post. You don’t have to complicate things. Always keep it simple.

5. Always follow up and close (thru emails, sending broadcast message daily, use CRM Customer Relation Management Tool). This is the most important step of all because what’s the use of doing business if you don’t follow up  and close your prospects. Ask them if they have any questions about the free training or video presentation that they just saw. Or offer some help and guide them on how to get started with the system that you’re using to help them get leads and sign up reps in their home business.

So there you have it guys, the 5 step formula to get leads and recruit reps in your home business. Now go, start learning, do apply, implement and take action and teach your team how to do the same. Its GO Time!

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