Happy New Year! Remember today that the new has come. It’s a new year with new opportunities, and it’s time for you to be the new you. Let this be the year that you break off procrastination. Let this be the year that you move forward with your network marketing business. Be encouraged today because no matter what is happening with your business right now, you have a chance for a new beginning. Choose to leave the old habits — leave behind old methods that doesn’t work, old thinking, old words, and old mindsets and embrace the new by taking action.

So here are 5 Simple Steps That Can Easily Increase Your Network Marketing Business Results in 2015:

network marketing

network marketing

1. Turn off auto login of your skype and gtalk – sometimes turning on your skype and gtalk automatically can stray you away from focusing on the most important tasks of your day. Simply by turning this programs off and manually turning them on after you have completed your daily marketing tasks can  help you become productive in your network marketing business.

2. Do 1 task at a time – I know most of us these days love multi-tasking but when it comes to marketing your network marketing business online, you need to focus on your tasks one at a time.  For example, focusing on completing one marketing task on a single tab or window instead of having multiple tabs or windows open at the same time while doing an article on your blog. So if you are creating a content, focus on that particular task on a single window or tab instead of writing a content and then other windows or tabs are opened because you don’t want to miss your emails or facebook chats. These can indeed disrupt your focus on completing your tasks at hand. I have been a victim of these in the past 2 years and I have now learned my lessons very well. So open one tab or window at a time while completing a task and only check your facebook and emails once in a while when you have completed your marketing tasks.

3. Remove or uncheck your facebook friend’s newsfeed –

Uncheck Friends NewsFeed

Uncheck Friends NewsFeed

having a lot of friends on facebook is cool but make no mistake about it because if you use facebook daily to market your network marketing business, you may see lots of status updates on your newsfeed as fast as the speed of light. When you are just starting out and want to focus, you may see some of your friends posting about their own business, systems, free trainings, etc. This can be a temptation to the point that you will lose your focus from marketing your own network marketing business. So what I recommend here is to remove your facebook friends who does nothing but spam their opportunity links everyday. If you can’t do it, click your friends name and you should be able to see “show in newsfeed” (as shown on the picture) and uncheck that feature so that you won’t be able to see your friends business updates and you can focus on generating leads for your network marketing business alone. Just mastermind and network with like-minded entrepreneurs on facebook because there’s a big difference between a professional marketer from an ordinary salesman. You can learn on the concepts more about being a professional marketer than an ordinary salesman online by clicking here.

4. Use a pen and notebook – this is old school but it works! There’s a big difference when using a notepad on your computer compared to having a pen and paper at your desk. Before you sleep at night write down the things or your daily method of operation or your marketing tasks that you want to get done the next day. Remember I said tasks not goals. So don’t write, I want to sponsor 1 person tomorrow for my network marketing business. Instead write down, create an article on my blog and post it on social media networks and so on… at least you get the idea. This way when you write an article and market it on social media networks, you are in fact driving traffic to your content as a result you are generating prospects which then leads you to sponsoring a new rep or distributor for your network marketing business.

5. Have a table clock at your desk – when you’re online, it’s really very very easy to get disturbed especially if you’re just starting out. Lack of focus and consistency can lead you to failure and disaster 100% all the time. So to avoid being disturbed from shiny objects and procrastinating, having a table clock at your desk and timing your marketing tasks will help. Why? Because you are in fact managing your time wisely if you’re doing this. That’s the reason why you’re in network marketing in the first place because you want to work less and make more, isn’t it? So manage your time wisely and monitor it by having a table clock at your desk and follow your daily method of operation on a consistent basis. For example, one hour for article writing, then 30 minutes for social media syndication then another 30 minutes on calling leads and so on. Do that straight for 21 days and you will see the magic happens.

So that’s it for today. I hope you have learned something from this article about the 5 simple steps that can easily increase your network marketing business results in 2015.

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