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1. Call Center Services or VA (Virtual Assistant Services) – $750/mo. only (M-F 9am-9pm EST) contact me if you need more information.


2. Article Writing Services – $225/mo. only (15 articles per month, 500 unique words and optimized for SEO)

$1,997 only for a year package BEST DEAL (180 articles for one year, 500 words unique and optimized for SEO)


3. Coaching Services – $350/mo. (4 sessions @ 1 hour per session)  Contact me for more information about coaching

**if you want to fast track your success in your online marketing business and want to understand the basics and the language in the internet marketing world, terminologies, technical stuffs, how to do things about this and that faster and easily without figuring out yourself so you can focus on things that matters most which is for you to make money, then this is for YOU.**


4. Graphic Designs and Lay Outclick here for some samples


Contact me if you need my services.

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