Blogging and Social Media Marketing Made Simple

In this article I am going to show you a video about blogging and social media marketing that’s made simple. No complicated demonstrations here but a simple to follow video tutorial from my mentor that will show you how to connect all the pieces together when it comes to blogging and social media marketing.

But before we get into the meaty stuff, I just wanted to share with you my secrets that brought me this far in my journey with my online marketing business success.

1. That the internet is not the secret to your success, instead it is just a TOOL wherein you can build more relationships faster than you could ever imagine. Again, I want to emphasize that it’s all about RELATIONSHIPS.

2. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube combined gets more traffic than google. In todays online marketing age, you don’t have to be an SEO expert to get traffic. All you need to do is learn the basics on how to market on social media.

3. You need to have a marketing hub. a BLOG is your marketing hub. You need to have your home base on the internet where you can showcase your leadership and expertise in your niche. A blog is your passport to wealth. Why? Because blogging is the best kept secret in internet marketing.

4. Setting up your social media profiles (facebook, twitter and  youtube) is very important so don’t mess around with it and….

5. That FOCUS and CONSISTENCY are the absolute keys to your online success.

So there you have it. Go watch the video below to see the live demonstration of how to connect all the pieces together when it comes to blogging and social media marketing. You will discover that it’s simple and that all you need to do is focus on the fundamentals and master the basics.

You can also click here to watch the short but powerful video training.

Author: Sonny Lanorias
Sonny is an Online Entrepreneur and a Stay At Home Dad who lives in Davao City, Philippines with his wife, Nora and daughter, Nicole. Sonny has been consistently making money from home since 2010 and is considered by many as the # 1 online entrepreneur in Davao City Philippines on the subject of Home Based Internet Marketing Business. Sonny has generated hundreds of leads on the Internet by using blogging, social media, web 2.0 and SEO and loves to teach and train others to match his online success.

3 Responses to “Blogging and Social Media Marketing Made Simple”

  1. Faith Barnard says:

    You just have to love Ty Tribble. Fabulous tutorial and to the point. I love the simplicity of laying out the internet plan and remembering the most important point to the whole process, building relationships.

    We are in a story telling, connecting and relationship building business. Thanks for sharing this great resource.


  2. Hello Faith,

    Thanks for your comments. Yeah Ty really has laid a simple demonstration on how to connect all the dots together. And also yeah for building relationships and being consistent is the key to your success. Thanks again.

  3. Magnificent blog. Can’t wait to discover just what exactly you construct next!

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