I just wanted to share this video with you about my friend Tracey Walker talking about the big difference between time and energy management. What I liked about her video is that she clearly explains about the big difference between the two and even puts an example so you can really fully understand. time and energy managementSo if you are exhausted, frustrated and you feel something is wrong with what you’re doing with your business, I highly recommend that you watch the video below about the big difference between time and energy management.



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6 Responses to “What’s The Big Difference Between Time and Energy Management? (Video)”

  1. Viola tam says:

    Hi, Sonny,

    Awesome information that you have included here. I appreciate the wisdom that Tracy shared with us. “Energy management”, what a great concept!

    Wow, I LOVE your blog! No wonder it ranked so high!

    I am honored to be connected with you, my MLSP friend :)

    Viola Tam

    • Sonny Lanorias says:

      Hello Viola,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. You have an awesome blog too :) Glad that we’re connected in MLSP. Don’t forgot to stop by at our mlsp forum as well. Come back soon.


  2. BuySellWordpress says:

    I think that many people will be glad to visit some courses that deal with time management, because organizing your day in an appropriate way is not an easy thing)))

  3. Sheshnath says:

    Really liked this and learnt hoe to manage time as it is one of the important thing in life.

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