7 Simple Tips On How Easily You Can Craft An Amazing Offer

In this article I am going to share with you 7 simple tips on how easily you can craft an amazing offer on your blog.  Having a blog to market your business online plays a vital role these days. It will either make or break your online business. Gone are the days wherein you can easily get leads and sign ups through pay per click and banner advertising. In this new social media economy, your target market are wiser and smarter than you ever know. They don’t just join any business opportunities out there on the internet land, but rather people join people who they know, like and trust. The key today to outrank your competition is to be unique and valuable. You need to have something to offer to your target market of value which eventually brings them to like and trust you. This industry will and still be based on relationships nothing more nothing less.

Here are 7 Simple Tips On How Easily You Can Craft An Amazing Offer: craft an amazing offer

1. Always think about whats in for your readers – this is very important because as a business owner, your goal is to solve your target market’s problems and challenges. It will always be based on their needs and wants, not yours. So always put your readers first before anything else.

2. What are you good about – this is another crucial thing. Think about something you’re good about and repackage that skill to solve other people’s problem. If you love helping other people by helping them make money from blogging, then master that skill and share the value to the market place.

3. Identify what is your blog all about – try to empty your mind and take a closer look on what really your blog is all about. Don’t copy everything that you see on other blogs because it will just be a waste of time and effort. Focus on the things that you write about most. A little trick here is to go to your archives and check what categories has the most number of articles and that will give you an idea of what really your blog is all about.

4. Share your strategies that produces results – if you have been blogging for awhile now and have found that twitter marketing for example has helped your business grow by getting 3-5 leads per day using that method, then share it to your target market. Don’t keep it a secret. The more value you share, the more you will be attractive and become the hunted.

5. Be simple and direct – when offering something of value to your readers, keep it simple and direct. Don’t over complicate it because the more simple your offer is and direct to the point, the more people will be interested on what you have to offer.

6. Don’t plagiarize – copying other people’s offer will not help you build and grow your business. Instead of copying other people’s offer within your niche, you can simply get ideas from their offers and repackage it. Add those offers on your swipe file from time to time and I am sure you can come up with something unique that you will like in the future.

7. Build your brand – be unique because this is how you build your own brand on the internet. If you and 1,000 more people are offering the same thing word for word, then how can you be unique? Having your own brand will pay you 100 folds in the long run. So focus on building your brand instead of someone else.

So there you have it. I hope that you have learned something from this article about the 7 simple tips on how easily you can craft an amazing offer.

Now your turn. Where did you get your ideas when you crafted your amazing offer on your blog? Feel free to share by leaving a comment below.

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Author: Sonny Lanorias
Sonny is an Online Entrepreneur and a Stay At Home Dad who lives in Davao City, Philippines with his wife, Nora and daughter, Nicole. Sonny has been consistently making money from home since 2010 and is considered by many as the # 1 online entrepreneur in Davao City Philippines on the subject of Home Based Internet Marketing Business. Sonny has generated hundreds of leads on the Internet by using blogging, social media, web 2.0 and SEO and loves to teach and train others to match his online success.

13 Responses to “7 Simple Tips On How Easily You Can Craft An Amazing Offer”

  1. Jon Page says:

    This is great Sir…surfing to other blogs is one of the most effective strategies to craft out amazing stuffs in our own blogs…
    Online forums… and etc…

  2. Jeremy Watson says:

    This is great stuff Sonny Keep up the awesome work!

    • Sonny Lanorias says:

      Hi Jeremy (the guy that rocks from What’s Working Now!),

      Thanks for visiting here and leaving a comment. Come back soon.


  3. Renea says:

    Many people use others stories or write about something many people already write about… It’s good to have something people will be into without having to many people know much about it, therefore it will be unique enough for a higher ranking…

  4. Felicia says:

    Hi Sonny,
    I agree that by keeping your offer direct and simple, without any hidden agenda, it would surely attract many interested people to it. On your tip #3, I never thought of that – the categories in a blog that has the most number of articles is one point which identifies what one’s blog is all about. It really makes sense. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Sarah Wainwright says:

    Hi Sonny,
    I am just starting out with my blog and I found your post really helpful, I will be following your 7 tips and making my content unique.
    Thank you


    • Hello Sarah,

      Great to see you here and welcome to my blog. I am happy that you find my article helpful. If you have any questions or need help, don’t hesitate to contact me and I will be honored to help you out. Take care and come back soon.


  6. Azam says:

    Concentrated attention on your own brand can pay you a lot. These steps are mile stone in blogging and earning.

  7. Great job! I really like your ideas about blogging. The one-at-a-time method works the same in other areas of article writing and also marketing. If the customer doesn’t feel connected to your writing, if they can’t recognize themselves in your ideas, even just a little bit, they won’t take any notice of you. And anyway, knowing your target audience, presupposing the crowd you will entertain and sell to is key, otherwise you won’t have a coherent blog and you will seem unprofessional. Thanks for these 7 tips, I will make sure I follow them when I start my own blog!
    Best wishes, Leonard

  8. Elaine Salt says:

    I agree that this should be direct and simple. Clients may be attracted as you make it as it is natural way and get their heart. These are great step-by-step post which can make blogging and earning possible.

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