5 Myths About Blogging

In this post I am going to share with you the 5 myths about blogging. These days most home based business owners especially those people who are marketing online have blogs. Why? Because aside from its popularity, it is also a way wherein you can engage personally with your customers, readers and your target market. It’s also an ultimate way to build your own brand online.

While most people knew the benefits of blogging, there are some who haven’t started their own yet because they don’t know how and where to start like setting up their blogs, how to structure it with the right plugins, yada yada yada. When you have your own blog, building an online business is easier than what most people think.

Now let’s bust the 5 myths about blogging that causes most people to avoid it: blogging

1. Must be expert – most people think that in order for you to start blogging, you have to be an expert. If you boil it down, blogging means an online journal with freshly updated content.Basically it’s like your online diary or anything that you want to write about in chronological order. So the question is, do you really have to be an expert in order for you to write your own journal or diary? I bet not.

2. Must have credibility – credibility is defined as the quality of being believed or trusted. But this is not a requirement in order for you to start blogging. So if you think you must have credibility to begin blogging, then it’s just a myth. So stop believing it. Credibility is built and you will get there along the way while blogging.

3. Must write well – a lot of people are afraid to blog because they think that they must write well. The fact is, you can begin blogging by writing just 2-3 sentences and still build a large group of readers and followers. How? Simple! By looking for a valuable content within your niche and when you find one, simply write in your first sentence what you liked about the content that you are about to share. In your second sentence, write something about what you liked most about the author. And last but not the least, write a concluding sentence about what your readers will expect in the content that you are about to share. Then simply, publish the content and link back to the original post. The author of the content that you’ve just shared will even thank you for it.

4. Having technical ability – yes I know that in order for you to have your own blog, you have to know the technical side of things. But fear not because as long as you find the right mentor and coach that will show you on how to get things done, you may laugh at yourself afterwards on how simple it is to set up your own blog (self-hosted).

5. Must have internet marketing knowledge – a valuable blog post without traffic is like selling the best ice cream in the middle of the forest. So who buys? And who sees it? Got the idea? So plain useless right? This is also one of the biggest obstacle most people think that in order to start blogging, you must have some kind of internet marketing knowledge. Right? Wrong! Because with the advent of social media, people can easily share what’s on their mind or share their value easily using these social media sites like Facebook and Google Plus just to name a few. Plus with the addition of the right mentor and coach at your side who can show you the exact and surefire way on how to market your blog post online, anything is possible. Believe me. I know it because I have been there.

Now that you’ve read the 5 myths about blogging, there’s no reason not to start doing it. Don’t even think about it and just do it. How? Simply put the pedal to the metal. Meaning start learning new skills and most importantly start implementing it. Enjoy your day and have a great one.

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Author: Sonny Lanorias
Sonny is an Online Entrepreneur and a Stay At Home Dad who lives in Davao City, Philippines with his wife, Nora and daughter, Nicole. Sonny has been consistently making money from home since 2010 and is considered by many as the # 1 online entrepreneur in Davao City Philippines on the subject of Home Based Internet Marketing Business. Sonny has generated hundreds of leads on the Internet by using blogging, social media, web 2.0 and SEO and loves to teach and train others to match his online success.

33 Responses to “5 Myths About Blogging”

  1. Ryan Biddulph says:

    Hi Sonny,

    1 thing I hear from people new to blogging: “I’ve never done it before!”…yep, just like me, 4 years ago…and you Sonny, before you started. Every artist was once an amateur. You need to start somewhere. Awesome breakdown here.

    You become the expert, the internet marketing pro, the credible, trusted blogger, by starting. Darren Rowse once published his first post. He was a newbie. Lebron James once picked up a basketball for the first time…for one sports analogy, and you know Sonny, Pac Man Manny once entered the gym for the first time.

    You see, even if we have God-given talents, we are all rookies in the beginning! Gotta start, find a super mentor and begin working at blogging, to develop skills, share value and prosper with the neat marketing technique.

    Thanks Sonny!


    • Hey Ryan,

      Thanks a lot for stopping by and adding your contribution. Yeah you are right about Manny Pacquiao and everything here you said. I like the analogy. You are one great blogger Ryan. Thanks again and come back soon.


  2. Merle Gibbins says:

    Totally agree that everyone has to start somewhere. And yes if you have a good mentor which I think most of us have now then there should be no problem on the techi side of it. Also if I get stuck and can’t get hold of anyone at the time I need them, then I just go to Youtube and you can find anything you want there, so should not stop people from blogging. Great post, thanks for sharing Sonny.

  3. Riaan says:

    Hi Sonny

    Great article and so true. Most people will shy away from anything that they think could possibly harm them.

    ‘Life starts at the end of your comfort zone’

    Thanks for sharing


  4. Harry Fassett says:

    And blogging isn’t likely to make you rich, and that’s ok, but most think it’s the answer to financial freedom and most will be disappointed to say the least. I know professional full time bloggers with pretty big followings and 25K a month traffic or more, and they maybe make 2,500 – 3K a month working 12 -15hrs a day, six days a week, so it’s no get rich plan for sure. One has to want to do it for more than just the money. HF

    • Thanks for your insights Harry. I appreciate you taking the time to leave your thoughts about blogging and yeah its true that its not a get rick quick plan. You gotta love what you do to make it worth 🙂 Thanks again.


  5. Great Article Sonny.

    Paragraph three was the best for me. I get a little frustrated at times developing content and you just proved it can be as simple as just relating to some great content I come across on the web.

    Thanks again
    -Steve G

    • Hey Steve,

      Yes. You can just do some edification and referring them a great content within your niche. Its a proven way to build your own followers and readers. Thanks a lot.


  6. Akos Fintor says:

    Hi Sonny,
    My wife was intimidated to start blogging, fearing the things on your list! I had her start out by writing one post a day for 30 days. She realized once she put away her insecurities (being an expert, credibility, being a good writer, etc.) it just flowed! Now she writes posts without hesitation…Give the 30 day challenge a try 🙂 Thanks for your insights!

  7. Doug Flitton says:

    Loved this post about 5 Myths About Blogging keep up the great work, Sonny!BTW – Nice blog too!

  8. Laura Cruz says:

    I agree about the being an “expert” holds people back. Many times people know much more than what they give themselves credit for. If you right interesting and fresh material, people can find nuggets in anything that would benefit them. My advice, just start blogging. Especially about what you are passionate about. Passion trumps being an expert!

  9. Daryl Zion says:

    It’s a most important tips for us which is very helpful to avoid the harmful causes of on line business. Here are discussed 5 myths about it.So, I’m very glad and thanks for it.

  10. Jean says:

    The hardest thing most people face when it comes to blogging is getting started, and I think it is basically because of the reasons you have mentioned above. I also had the same issues, but I just chose to dive in and learn things with time, and right now I am very many steps ahead.

  11. Alice Chen says:

    This article very helpful. Thanks for the tips for blogging. Great article.

  12. Scott says:

    Very helpful post, thanks Sonny. I’ve been concerning myself too much with these things and not enough with just putting out fresh content consistently

  13. Hey Sonny,

    I agree that there are many “myths” that keep people from starting a blog, but I also believe the opposite is true and there are many “myths” surrounding blogging that make people believe that you can set up a blog, write a couple posts, and start making money hand over fist.

    The truth is a good blog takes time and work to set up, time and work to maintain, and time and work to grow. This shouldn’t stop people from blogging, but people also need to realize that having a successful blog isn’t a “cake walk” either.

  14. richa says:

    These are great points and they many a times stops people from taking up blogging. This post is of great help to the newbies or those planning to take up blogging. No one ca be an expert at blogging until someone starts doing it. Once you get on with a thing, you gain knowledge and learn different aspects. Thanks for this wonderful share.

  15. Nina Corales says:

    Great and inspiring post Sonny. Many people fear starting their blog because they believe that they do not have the credibility and the ability to write well. In fact these things can be learned as they start blogging. Writing is a learned skill, and blogging is the great platform to exploit one’s writing skills. And with regard to credibility, this is something that is not easily earned. Credibility is earned, and you will not gain anything unless you work hard for it.

  16. Mei Mayore says:

    These wrong perceptions about blogging is the usual reason why people are discouraged to publish their own blog. What they don’t know is that those popular bloggers they look up to also went through the same dilemma but these famous blogger dared to pursue blogging.

  17. Elaine Salt says:

    Hi Sonny! You made blogging an easy access for people who may probably working on-line or for self-expression. Now, I am more inspired to do much in blogging and confident enough to have my niche and make it productive. With this 5 Myths About Blogging, it opened new angles and dimensions of blog sites. More powers to you and thank you!

  18. Joe S. says:

    You have busted the myths for sure. If #1 & #3 were true there is no way I’d be blogging today. I am no expert and I have made many mistakes. I crashed my own site by mistake once or twice. And, Must Write well??? For any of you that have been to my site, you know I am not the best writer. (Go see for yourself, LOL) But despite my challenges I keep plugging away. I have my site at a PR3 and we are always moving in the right direction.

    Thanks for the post.

  19. Emilia says:

    Thanks for the great share. No one is born an expert at anything, even blogging. All the anxieties and pressures put on us by everyone, friends, colleagues, the media, make something simple seem difficult. This was a great eye-opener. More power to you.

  20. Felicia says:

    Hi Sonny,
    I agree with all the 5 myths you have laid out here, especially #3. When my friends or family ask me about blogging, I simply tell them that it’s like you are just talking to other people, but much like write in a way like you do when you are in school (reports, essays, etc.). Their impression from that is if they do not know how to write well, then they are not fit to have a blog of their own. A lot of them usually say that they are not that tech savvy and only know how to use social media sites or buy stuff online in Amazon or Groupon.
    It’s not easy to blog, but then again, nothing in this world is ever easy (be it your business, your work, at school)..you gotta start somewhere, and the key here is to go ahead and do it!
    Thanks for sharing!

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