5 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Building Your Business Using Social Media

In this article I am going to reveal to you the 5 common mistakes that you must avoid when building your business using social media.

A lot of people are using social media to market their business these days because it is free and it is the most visited website right now on the internet (facebook). But sad to say 90% of them are not doing it the right way. This is why most of these people are not seeing the results that they want to achieve in their business. social media

So to help you build a successful business using social media, here the 5 common mistakes that you must avoid:

1. Selling or pitching without providing value – this is the most important thing that you must remember because by doing this, you are actually not attracting people into your business. Instead you are becoming unattractive. Why? Because people don’t care about what you are selling. What they are actually looking for is good content (value). So make sure you are not selling and pitching on the front end.

2. Not having a blog – if you are into social media, a blog is a must. Your blog is your most important asset. Why? Because your blog is your home base on the internet. This is where you drive your prospects back to read and consume your content. A blog also gives you more credibility and builds more trust to your audience. Just think of it this way, if social networking is like going to a big party, having a blog is like hosting your own party! And having your own blog is by far the fastest and easiest way to build your own piece of virtual real estate online.

3. Not being consistent with content – now let’s say you have a blog, the problem with other people is that they are inconsistent in putting out contents into their blog. You don’t want your blog to become a ghost-town, right? So make sure you post at least once a week (minimum) or 3 times a week (standard) or 5 times a week (the most) to build up momentum and your prospects will keep coming back to you.

4. Not growing a targeted following – I know some other marketers who have many friends on facebook and followers on twitter. But the problem is that these friends and followers are not targeted. So these people actually don’t care about what you post on your blog because they are not targeted. So it is not about how many friends or followers you actually have on social media. But it’s the quality that matters most. So make sure your friends and followers on twitter are targeted so you get the most out of your content.

5. Not having strategies and not being organized – most people say that social media is just a waste of time. At some point, this is true especially if you don’t know what you are doing. But if you know how to build your business using social media, it is actually the exact opposite. Because when done right, using social media to build your business can bring you from 10-20 or even 40-100 leads per day into your business. That’s why it is very important that you have a strategy in place and being organized so that you are efficient and eventually effective in the long run. Top social media marketers only spend a maximum of 2 hours per day on social media.

So there you go. I hope that you find this article valuable and eventually it can help you build your business using social media. And now that you know how to build your business using social media by avoiding this 5 common mistakes, start implementing what you’ve learned and share with me your results later. If you like this content, feel free to share the wealth.

Author: Sonny Lanorias
Sonny is an Online Entrepreneur and a Stay At Home Dad who lives in Davao City, Philippines with his wife, Nora and daughter, Nicole. Sonny has been consistently making money from home since 2010 and is considered by many as the # 1 online entrepreneur in Davao City Philippines on the subject of Home Based Internet Marketing Business. Sonny has generated hundreds of leads on the Internet by using blogging, social media, web 2.0 and SEO and loves to teach and train others to match his online success.

25 Responses to “5 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Building Your Business Using Social Media”

  1. Faith Barnard says:

    Sonny this is important advice and fabulous content. There is always room for improvement so I will be checking off these five points to be sure I’m maximizing my social media engagement and of course providing value and developing relationships.

    Also, I want to thank you for joining us for the 30 Day Blogging Challenge. I will have some news I’m getting out on Tuesday.


  2. Mike Paul says:


    It’s funny how we often overlook the simple things and how that can keep us back from achieving what we really want. I know for a fact that being consistent in delivering content can go a long way to building your business.

    Keep up the great work! Talk soon,


  3. Mari-Lyn says:

    Great information on NOT what to do…when using Social Media as a marketing tool.

  4. @Faith, thanks for leaving a comment. Yeah its all about building relationships and developing trust. I am excited about the news this coming Tuesday! Come back soon.

  5. @Mike, thanks for your contribution. Yeah you got it. It is important to know the rules first before getting your feet wet. Good news is this industry is learnable and you can work on your skills. And yes creating content with consistency is your key to success. Plus it increases your credibility ranking as well. Thanks again.

  6. @Mari-Lyn, thanks for your comments. Social media can indeed be an effective marketing strategy in your business if done right. Thanks again.

  7. Aki Wood says:

    Good Stuff Sonny, I see you took some good notes on the Katie Freiling Webinar… LOL… You had some good spins of your own on it too, I like it. Social Media can be huge for your business. Nice Post.

  8. @Aki, thanks for your comments. I like it too 🙂 Yeah this is how to create content. By learning from other successful entrepreneurs and putting your own spin on it (repackaging). Some people find it hard to create their own content and where to look for it. So this is an example on how to do it 🙂 Thanks again bro.

  9. Kristine Laforrest says:

    I’m a student just trying to learn more about the social media business and I really enjoyed reading your article. Keep up the great job!

  10. Hello Kristine, thanks for the complement and great that you are learning. Come back soon.

  11. Nick Klopper says:

    Hey Sonny,

    I think that number 5 is the biggest problem. If you don’t have any kind of plan or strategy then you will easily waste hours of day on social media and have absolutely nothing to show for it. A solid plan of attack is key to all areas of marketing whether that be online or offline, not just social media.


    P.S. I shared this on FB, Twitter and Digg. Should get you some more exposure and allow you to use Social Media effectively.

  12. Hi Nick, thanks for leaving a comment and for syndicating my post to your social media followers. This is social media leverage marketing in action 🙂 And yes a solid plan is a must to be efficient in your business. Thanks again.

  13. Kim Tarr says:


    I have to agree with Nick about number 5. There is so much ‘busy work’ that it is very hard to become distracted and forget where you were going and where you ended in your daily tasks.

    I have recently created a checklist of daily things that I have to do and no bedtime until I get them ALL done.

    This checklist will then help with point number 3 and that is being consistant!

    Looking forward to reading more!


  14. Hello Kim,

    Thank you for your contribution. Yeah it is very important that you have a checklist in place so you will be organized and efficient in your business. This checklist is in fact the system that you need to follow everyday so your business moves forward. Come back soon.

  15. Eldon Beard says:

    Hello Sonny, your fourth point about “growing a targeted following” is very important. Building your own mailing list goes hand in hand with this. I didn’t put a lot of emphasis on building up my own list early on, but later learned just how important it really is.


  16. Hi Eldon,

    Thanks for leaving a comment. Yes, quality is better than quantity. And your list is really your real ASSET in your online business so you should nurture and always give more value on it. Thanks again for dropping by.

  17. Kareem Williams says:

    awesome read my friend

  18. Hi Kareem, thanks for chiming in.

  19. Ruby Rynne says:

    Some useful basics Sonny, thanks for sharing.

  20. Hello Ruby,

    Thanks for your comments. I appreciate it. Yes before diving into social media marketing, it is important to know the basics. Thanks again.

  21. Patrick says:

    For me, strong BASIC knowledge and skills is the true foundation of every success in business. This great information is very useful for beginners who want to build their businesses using social media. What a great START when learning First from other people’s experiences especially mistakes! In acquiring this info, you already have a glimpse of how to get it done in the right way. Is this right? 🙂

  22. Hi Patrick,

    Thanks for your comments. Yeah avoid pitching in social media sites and start implementing the elements stated above. Thanks again.

  23. Matthew Share says:

    The same advice can be used to email marketing as well. 🙂 You did an awesome job on this one, Sonny. I prefer putting the sales pitch to a minimum while still building a relationship with the people, because we need them to trust us before they purchase whatever it is that we are selling. That is just how it works. Constant spamming of these messages can get irritating very fast, we can lose potential customers along the way.

  24. Viola Tam says:

    Hi, Sonny,

    Great post and tips for avoiding wasting time.I can relate to that!

    Prior to joining MyLeadSystemPRO, I connected with friends here and there. From a business perspective, it is not how it should be done. I am grateful for the training that I have… now I am doing the right thing.

    I totally agree with you that a blog is a very important online hub that allows the trageted friends to get to know and engage with us. Blogging for results is definitely not an overnight success. It is, however, something very rewarding long term as the tens (and even hundreds) of leads are coming in every day.

    Viola Tam

    • Sonny Lanorias says:

      Hello Viola,

      Thanks for stopping by and adding your contribution. Long term is the key and I am so happy that you are doing very good in MLSP. Have a great weekend.


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