The 4 Step Process To Have A Successful Article Marketing Campaign

In this article, I am going to share with you my knowledge about the 4 step process to have a successful article marketing campaign.

1.) Create An Original Article

2.) Bookmark your article using

3.) Promote your content through Video Sharing Networks like YouTube

4.) Do an Article Submission promoting your content (this is the MOST IMPORTANT step)

Take note that the links from all of your promotions need to go back to the original article and the original article should point back to your landing page.

The most common mistakes people make is that they point all of their content at one page and people don’t create variations of their articles and submit them to hundreds of directories. So make sure you avoid these common mistakes.

So remember these key important factors:

– Originality

– Relevant Content

– Link Popularity

– Consistency

So here’s my challenge to you if you really want to make it big in article marketing.

– Create 1 new piece of content per day

– Promote that content through a four step process outlined in this article

– Point that content towards your  sales funnel

– Do it for the next 100 days no matter what it takes

To learn more about my article marketing secrets, I would like to invite you to a free article marketing training webinar here and I will see you on the inside.

Author: Sonny Lanorias
Sonny is an Online Entrepreneur and a Stay At Home Dad who lives in Davao City, Philippines with his wife, Nora and daughter, Nicole. Sonny has been consistently making money from home since 2010 and is considered by many as the # 1 online entrepreneur in Davao City Philippines on the subject of Home Based Internet Marketing Business. Sonny has generated hundreds of leads on the Internet by using blogging, social media, web 2.0 and SEO and loves to teach and train others to match his online success.

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